Unlike other parts of the world, where Christmas is spent indoors at home, Aussies love to travel during the holidays. From beaches to campsites to holiday houses, getting out and about is what makes our season so unique and magical. No on knows this better than Myer, Australia’s leading department store with more than 60 locations across the country.

The Idea
There’s a very important question Aussie kids have to grapple with during Christmas. When you’re so far away from the North Pole, how on earth will Santa find you?
Especially when so many Aussie families (1 in 6) travel away from home for the Christmas break and the summer holidays. We celebrate Aussie Christmas wherever it happens to be.

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Global Positioning Stocking
Let’s face it, Santa has a lot on his plate at Christmas time. It doesn’t help that we’re a long, long way from the North Pole. To make thing easier, we’ve created the Global Positioning Stocking. Using state-of-the-art Santalite technology, it lets him know just where you for Christmas. It’s also equipped with the latest magical messaging software, so you can instantly connect with him and beam a wish list straight to his workshop. It’s Santa’s direct link to you this Christmas, wherever you happen to be.

Bespoke Myer Global Positioning Stocking


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