Myer is Australia’s largest and best-loved department store. Almost everyone over 40 has childhood memories of trips to Myer for Christmas gifts, formal dresses or school shoes.
However, Myer has lost ground with it’s core customers – Australian Gen X-women. So, while there’s still latent fondness for the Myer brand, customers’ are no longer sure what Myer stands for or why it’s relevant.

This campaign seeks to reawaken our customers’ love of Myer, give the brand a new modernity and reclaim our territory as the only shopping destination for middle Australian women.  

 The Idea
This is a new brand campaign, yet it’s also a return to Myer’s roots, a time when the store really was know to be the store of choice to Australian women. We’re introducing a new graphic device, MY_____.
This is more than a catchy piece of typography. Symbolically and literally, we’re returning Myer to it’s customers. And we’re allowing them to close the loop by filling in their own responses to ‘My’

Our first gesture must be one of generosity. It’s once again her store. Our store. Myer Store

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